The library

The library is a free collection of over 350 articles about actions people can take to help address greenhouse gas emissions, plastic pollution, biodiversity loss, waste production, pollution, food waste, the effects of consumerism, and water management.

The library is a great resource for individuals that want to make a difference, and for schools to use as an educational resource.

Anyone who registers as a Rotary World Saver will have free access to the library which is searchable and categorised for convenience.

Articles range from short eco-tips for householders to lengthier articles about major topics such as solar panels, electric vehicles and the prevalence of microplastics.

They will inform you, stimulate debate, and encourage further reading.

Visit the library

If you have not registered as a Rotary World Saver, please do so here.

If you have registered, you can access the library here.

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