Making collective action count

Rotary World Savers is an initiative from The Rotary Club of Rugby Dunsmore in the UK; we invite you to join us in committing to collective action to tackle our collective impact on our planet’s ecosystems and climate. Explore this site and Rotary World Savers will help to answer the questions “What can I do?” and “How can I make a difference?”.

January, 1961 …

The actions

Rotary World Savers brings you a suggested “eco-action” each week. We invite you to commit to taking action with us; record your commitment with a simple click at the foot of each article and we can all move forward together to make a difference as a collective!

Join us

To record your commitment to action you need to register as a Rotary World Saver.

It’s easy, free, and secure.

We promise to never share your details with any other organisation.

The library

The library is free and available to you if you register.

The library is a collection of over 350 articles about how individuals can help to protect and enhance our environment and a fantastic educational resource.

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