Become a Rotary World Saver

You don’t have to be a Rotarian to become a Rotary World Saver!

You can become part of the movement; part of a collective that intends to make a difference.

Whatever your age, wherever you are in the world, whatever you do for a living, and whether or not you are a member of a Rotary Club, through collective action you can help us make a difference to the way us humans are impacting on our environment and our planet’s ecosystems.

Here are three ways to be part of it…

1. Take action that will help

It’s all about taking action.

It’s about knowing what you can do to help and knowing that, if you do take action, you will be making a difference.

Explore this site and, in particular, take a look at our articles about actions that you could take to reduce our carbon footprint, plastic footprint, or other damage.

2. Register (for free) as a Rotary World Saver

This is important to us, we want to know about your support.

Please register as a Rotary World Saver.

Becoming part of the Rotary World Saver movement will give you:

  • A weekly update with links to the environmental action we have been featuring that week
  • Links to key news items about the environment from around the world
  • Access to our extensive free library of environmental actions, over 350 articles
  • Ability to register your commitment to specific actions
  • This also enables us to measure and report our success engaging with people

Our longer term ambition is for a million people to register as Rotary World Savers and to be taking collective action. Just imagine that … a million people from all around the world who are prepared to put their hand up and say “I care enough about the damage we are doing to take action.”

If you register as a Rotary World Saver:

  • We will grow in influence and reach, and truly represent the people that care
  • We will, of course, keep you informed about our activities and articles
  • We will protect your personal data; we collect the minimum information we need to operate
  • We do not share data with any other organisation and nor will we ever do so

3. Follow, like and share our social media posts

Please help us spread the word about Rotary World Savers, our articles about the damage that is being done to our planet, and the actions we write about that individuals can take.

Remember, the key to making a difference is collective action, so let’s harness the power of online communities around the world to get people involved.

If you can do this for us, the whole project will grow and become increasingly effective.

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