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365 Actions to merge with Rotary World Savers

People who register (it’s free) as Rotary World Savers will have access to a massive library of articles about how we can all, as individuals, contribute to the protection of our environment and ecosystems.

The library of articles is based on the content of 365 Actions. This is an initiative running in 2021 whereby an article is being published every single day about environmental action, over the course of the full year – 365 in total.

David Head, creator of 365 Actions, said “I’m absolutely delighted that the work put in over the year will be used in this way, and will become a permanent resource. It’s built up into an extensive collection of articles covering climate change, plastics, biodiversity, water, food waste and much more, and it would have been such a shame if the project had just come to an end and petered out.”

The library will be of particular use to teachers and others who can use the articles free of charge as an educational resource.

356 Actions is available until the end of 2021 at www.365actions.org

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